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Making sure that you have the best ecommerce platform to work with if one of the most important things that you will have to take care off when you are a business owner and something that you will have to take very seriously. There has always been the debate on whether it is better to go with something that is fully hosted, like Shopify, or something self-hosted like Magento, and today we are actually going to be talking about the latter one and telling you why we feel that this is one of the best ecommerce platforms made for you and your business in Singapore and some of the differences that it has with Shopify, so make sure to keep on reading and you will see why it is a good choice for you as well.

Best Ecommerce Platforms To Build Your Business

Magento is self-hosted

The first and biggest difference between Magento and Shopify is the fact that Shopify is fully hosted, while Magento is self-hosted. Of course, there are a lot of benefits to using a fully hosted platform, like not having to worry about the maintenance, but this also come with a lot of limitations. Working with Magento means that you will have to take care of your own maintenance, security, updates and so on, and although this requires a bit of extra work, it is definitely worth it, which is something we will touch on in a little bit. A perk of choosing your own hosting is that you will be able to choose the price that fits you best, and since getting the software for Magento is free, it means that the overall costs can end up being smaller than even Shopify’s costs.

A lot of customization options

We spoke earlier about how using a self-hosting platform will bring you a lot of perks, and customization is definitely one of those, which is why we feel Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms made for you and your business in Singapore. Unlike Shopify’s code which is not known to the public, the code for Magento is open source and that means that everyone out there can access it freely. This means that, with a little bit of skills or help from someone else, you will be able to really get into it and change pretty much everything that you want about your ecommerce, which is amazing and can help you a lot in terms of branding. When it comes to Shopify, you will be able to customize little bits here and there, like the color and the fonts, but other than that your options are pretty limited.

A lot of extensions

Shopify gets a lot of praise for its amazing App store, and something that a lot of people don’t know is that Magento actually has an App store of its own that is just as great. Sure, it may not have as many apps and add-ons, but that is because you don’t need as many when working with Magento as you would with Shopify. You will still be able to add different functionalities if you are in need of something specific, so if you were thinking of going with Shopify because of the App store, then now is a good time for you to reconsider that.

As you can see, there are definitely some differences when it comes to Magento and Shopify, and that makes it really easy for us to pick a favorite, and in our case it is definitely Magento. We hope this article helped you see why we thing Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms made for you and your business in Singapore and that you will check it out and seriously consider it.

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